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mops.lock file


Currently lockfile is disabled by default. You can enable it by running mops i --lock update once.

When mops.lock file exists, no need to specify --lock flag.

mops.lock is used to ensure integrity of dependencies, so that you can be sure that all dependencies have exactly the same source code as they had when the package author published them to the Mops Registry.

mops.lock contains the following information:

  • Hash of [dependencies] and [dev-dependencies] section of mops.toml file
  • All transitive dependencies with the final resolved versions
  • Hash of each file of each dependency

File hashes are retrieved from the mops registry canister.

When mops.lock exists, it is updated(and checked) automatically when you run any of the following commands:

  • mops add
  • mops remove
  • mops install
  • mops update
  • mops sync

mops.lock maintained by Mops and should not be manually edited.