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Toolchain Management with Mops

Mops simplifies toolchain management for Motoko projects, allowing you to specify exact versions of each tool in the mops.toml file for each project.

When you run mops install command, Mops will install the specified version of each tool.

Available tools

  • moc - Motoko compiler
  • wasmtime - Wasmtime runtime (used by mops test --mode wasi)
  • pocket-ic - PocketIC replica (used by mops bench --replica pocket-ic)

Specifying tool versions

Option 1: Use mops toolchain use command

You can use mops toolchain use command to install specific tool version and update mops.toml file.

mops toolchain use moc 0.10.3
mops toolchain use wasmtime 16.0.0
mops toolchain use pocket-ic 1.0.0

No need to run mops install when you use mops toolchain use command.

Option 2: Edit mops.toml file

You can manually edit mops.toml file to specify exact versions of each tool.

moc = "0.10.3"
wasmtime = "16.0.0"
pocket-ic = "1.0.0"

You need to run mops install command when you edit mops.toml file manually.

Toolchain management commands