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mops.toml file


namePackage name (e.g. lib)
versionPackage version in format x.y.z (e.g. 0.1.2)
descriptionPackage description shown in search results
repositoryRepository url (e.g.
keywordsArray of keywords (max 10 items, max 20 chars)
licensePackage license. Use SPDX license identifier


<mops_package_name>Version in format x.y.z (e.g. 0.1.2)


Same structure as [dependencies].

dev-dependencies are only used for testing and benchmarking purposes. They are not installed when the package is used as a dependency.


See toolchain management page for more details.

mocMotoko compiler used for building canisters and running tests
wasmtimeWASM runtime used to run tests in wasi mode
pocket-icLocal IC replica used to run benchmarks


When a user installs your package(as a transitive dependency too), Mops will check if the requirements are met and display a warning if they are not.

Use only if your package will not work with older versions of the moc.

mocMotoko compiler version (e.g. 0.11.0 which means >=0.11.0)